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The Patina Finish

The most popular finish option that we offer here at Lola Zeze is our patina finish. In design terms, the word patina can mean many things but most commonly refers to a weathered or tarnished finish on an item.  The type of substance will also determine the hues of patina. For iron, which is one of the primary components of steel, is that the piece will become a brownish-orange rust hue.  

What is the Oxidation Process 

In its most simple explanation, the process we use takes away electrons, meaning it is oxidized. When iron reacts with oxygen it forms a chemical called rust because the iron has lost some electrons and the oxygen has been reduced or gained electrons. 

Normal patina processing occurs over a very long time with metal being exposed to the elements.  However, we are able to intentionally put the piece through an accelerated oxidation process that produces this really unique and rustic finish in just a matter of days. 

The Patina Craze

With shows such as American Pickers and the rise of re-purposing antiques into new and unique pieces for modern decor, the patina craze has been in full swing for some time now.   The days of pristine and cookie cutter decor are over. Now folks can display their items proudly in all their patina glory.  

Using Patina in Your Home

You cannot think of something that has patina without having character.  Those two terms are synonyms for being unique. When picking pieces for your home décor theme most often times you are trying to find one-of-a-kind pieces that are going to take your room from drab to chic.  

The patina finish of our metal art goes perfect with Earth tones and rustic, farmhouse or shabby chic decor.  But you can use it in any decor scheme successfully.  Create a design juxtaposition by using rustic decor next to new, contemporary pieces.  Give your metal art a history and a story before it ever gets hung on the wall with our unique and exclusive patina option.

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